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Sunday Irish Session Tune List

Sunday Session Tunes 

(a partial list)


  • Swallows Tail (Em) , Kesh , Lark in the morning (D)
  • Morrison;s (Em)
  • Off She Goes (D), Connaughtman's Rhambles, Smash the Windows, Haste to the Wedding
  • Irishman's Heart to the Ladies(A), Paddy in London (Am),
  • Rolling Waves (D), Market Town (A), Scatter the Mud (Am)
  • Lilting Banshee (Am), Rakes of Kildare, Mum's jig, Caliope House (D)
  • Blarney Pilgrim, Out on the Ocean
  • Rambling Pitchfork (D), langstrom's Pony, Chase Me Charlie (A)
  • Humours of Ballyloughlin, Pet of the Piper's , A jig ?
  • Kitty Lie Over(D). Willie Coleman's(G). Up in the Air (Bm)
  • Sailor's wife (Dm)
  • Banish Misfortune(D), Tripping up the stairs (D)
  • Humours of Trim (Rolling Waves )(D) / Johnny Doherty's Jig (A)
  • Dust on the Window sill (Am)
  • Slieve Russell. Kilavil, Sean Ryan's, Mist on the Mountain
  • White Peticoat (Em) , Stan Chapman's (A) , Miller's Maggot (G)
  • the Orphan (Em), Hearty Boys of Ballymote, Up Sligo,
  • Bundle and Go (G)/ LA Maison de Glace (D) / Halloween Jig (Bm)
  • Northwest Quadrille Jig
  • Thunderhead (Bm)
  • Brother's Jig Dr O'Neill's Jig
  • Silver hand/ Johnny O'Leary's
  • Strawaway Child, Monaghan's (Em)


  • Foxhunter's (D), Kid on the Mtn, (Em),
  • Last Night's Fun, Hardiman the Fiddler
  • the Choice Wife
  • Rocky Road to Dublin
  • Liam Child's
  • Molly Ruagh
  • Garech's Wedding
  • the Exiles's Jig
  • Coleman's, the Butterfly, Kid on the Mountain
  • the Snowy path


  • Banshee (G) Shehan's (G)
  • Cooley's, Tarbolton, Pigeon on the Gate, Toss the Feathers
  • Dunsmore Lasses, Morning Dew, Banshee
  • Flowers of Edinborough, Heather on the Hill, Miss MacLeod's/ Lord Mac Donald'sReel
  • St Anne's, McNabb's, Fairy Dance
  • Mason's Apron, Devil's Dream, High Road to Linton, Big John McNeill
  • Man of the House, Drogheda Lasses, Ballintore Fancy, Cup of tea
  • Wise maid, Silver spear, Merry Blacksmith
  • Maids of Mitchelstown (Dm)
  • Wind that Shakes the Barley ( Judy's Reel), Lady Anne Montgomery,
  • Jenny's chickens, Sleepy Maggie (Bm)
  • Musical Priest (Bm)
  • Drowsy Maggie (Em), Teatotaller's
  • Green Grow the Rushes, Mourne Mountains
  • Otter's Den (Bm), the Ashplant (D) , Martin Wynne's #2 (Bm)
  • Mountain Road (D) Crawley's #1 (D),Concertina Reel
  • Killarney Boys of Pleasure ( Em), Jackie Coleman's #1,
  • Julia Delaney (Dm), Seargent Early's Dream / Mother's Delight/
  • Spooteskerry Reel (G)
  • Brae Reel. Reel de Moules, Acadian Reel / Reel de Forgeron
  • Jack McCann's/ Brenda Stubbert's / Mutt's Favourite
  • Farewell to Erin/ Greenfields of Glentown
  • Homeward Bound/ Miss Susan Cooper/ Jack Daniel's/ Muise Reel/
  • the High Drive (D) Christmas eve (G)
  • Cape Breton'er s Welcome to Shetlands/
  • the Wedding reel medley ( three tunes )
  • Greenfield of Glentown (Am)
  • Farewell to Erin, (Am)


  • Concertina (G) O'Carolan's Draft
  • Chief O'Neill's, Delahunty's, Harvest Home the Dance of the Honeybees
  • Boys of Bluehill, Off to California, Home Ruler, Kitty's Wedding
  • Walsh's (A)
  • Swinging on the Gate (G), Flowing Tide (G)
  • Bobby Casey's
  • Mulqueeny's (G)
  • Rights of man (G)


  • Burke Polkas (D), (Bm), (A),
  • the Murroe ((G), Peg Ryan's (G), Sweeny's (D)
  • Dalaigh's (Am), Jer the rigger (Am), A major Bill Sullivan's
  • Sweeny's Dalaigh's
  • Little Maggie in the Wood - Britches full of Stitches - John Ryan's


  • O'Keefe's, Star Above the Garter, Connie Walsh's , Denis Murphy's (D), Where's the Cat
  • Dinny Delaney's (Am)
  • Merrily Kiss the Quaker (G)
  • Brosna Slides No 1 and No 2


  • Rosebud of Allendale (G)
  • Last Night in this House (Am)
  • South wind, Westphalia (G)
  • My Cape Breton Home (G)
  • Munster Cloak (G)
  • Crossing the Sea to Ireland
  • Owl Waltz
  • the Wedding Gift


  • Fingal's Cave (Am)
  • Father John Angus Rankin's March (A)
  • March of King Laois
  • Road to the Isles
  • Brian Boru's March (Am)
  • King of the Fairies


  • Neil Gow's Lament on the Death of his second Wife
  • Mr and Mrs MacLean of Snaigow
  • the Osprey
  • Innishear Air (G)
  • Magh Seola
  • A beautiful fresh morning
  • Da Slokit Lite (D)
  • O'Carolan's Draft, Shebeg Shemore, Captain O'Kanes/ O'Carolan's Farewell
  • the Island of Woods
  • the Parting Glass
  • Hector the Hero
  • Captain O'Kanes (Gm)

Barn Dances

  • Lucy Farr ( G) Bill Halley's


  • Saddle the Pony/ Tommy People's (D) (G)/ Sonny's Mazurka (D)
  • the Singing Snail


  • Tullochgorum, Haughs of the Warlock
  • Cutting Fern (Am)


  • I love a trurtle Dove (Em)
  • Road the Kerrigouach (Gm)
  • Gavottes by Padrig Sicard
  • Gavotte de Srignac
  • the Wren (an dro)
  • Rond de St Vincent Rond de Loudeac


  • Loftus Jones, Concerto, Hewlett, Morgan Meghan
  • Crested Hen (Em)
  • Planxty Irwin, Munster Cloak, Geroge Babazon
  • Rosin the Bow (A)
  • Give Me your hand (G)
  • Master Crowley's (Dm)
  • Fred Finn's
  • Bobby Casey's (Gm)
  • the Western Hornpipe (C)
  • High Drive (D)
  • Down the Hill (Gm)
  • the Virginia Reel